Sanding & Finishing

Floor Sanding and Finishing in Madison, WI

When you're looking for wood floor services, our experts are here for you. Wood flooring needs regular maintenance to prevent scratching and other minor cosmetic damage. That's why our professional contractors provide a comprehensive range of services from finishing to installations.

Sanding Your Floors

Sanding your hardwood floors is useful after years of regular wear and tear. We can fix deep scratches, discoloration and fading, and restore your floors to their original beauty and strength. This process involves sanding the floor down to the bare wood before a sealer or stain is applied, followed by a new finish. For floor sanding and finishing in Madison, WI, call on us.

Floor Sanding and Finishing in Madison, WI

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Madison, WI

Refinishing Your Floors

Refinishing your floors makes renewing the surface much easier. If your floors are damaged, refinishing is ideal for safely removing contaminants, rinsing, and refortifying the hardwood with a new finishing coat. The new finish will prolong the life and beauty of the flooring.

Floor Finishing in Madison, WI

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Wood Floor Services in Madison, WI

Professional Sealers and Finishes

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