A light, reddish-brown hardwood with a satiny fine grain that ages to a rich patina, American Cherry is one of the most sought-after northern hardwoods.

With rich color variations and prominent brown lines, Hickory is one of the most popular hardwoods for cabinets and trim. Hickory flooring creates a bright, elegant look.

One of the hardest of the northern hardwood species, Northern Ash has an abundance of color variation and a pronounced, rich grain.

Northern Hard Maple is distinguished from other maple by a denser grain and rich consistent color. Hard Maple provides a clean, contemporary look.

Northern Red Oak has the most consistent warm color and tightest grain of the species. This is one of the most popular species for home and office floors.

With a beautiful consistent neutral color and grain, Northern White Oak is ideal for custom staining.

Hand-picked for its deep rich color and closed grain, Red Birch provides a dramatic look.

Yellow Birch is a closed-grained, even-textured cream or light brown hardwood with lustrous brown flecks and warm undertones.  Yellow Birch is similar to maple in grain, but has more color.